This wiki is based on a game me and my friend are trying to ... well, not "make" but have it created. The game will be called Dimension108 (It's one-oh-eight not one hundred and eight). The game is based in Australia in a parallel dimension. In 1950, history is altered where everyday citizens were obsessed with inventing better objects and one man even attempted to make a mind control syrum He managed to craft it and overnight an unidentified bug got stuck within this syrum and overheard the man talking about another experiment he was working on. You see, this man was attempting to create superpowers as well as this mind control syrum.The bug's purpose was to mimic suggestions and to replace all organic material with it. The syrum then became a disease which spread around the world and caused people excruciating pain for around an hour until they fell unconscious for a full day. When they woke up they were perfectly fine, however, the only difference was that they all had super powers relative to where they were or what they were doing at the time. The super powers became as common as intelligence, strength and creativity and even became a subject in school. In Dimension 108, almost everyone is a superhero, from a 5 year old child to an 85 year old grandmother. There is more about this game but we'll get into that later. There is a backstory to John Wolf (which will possibly be an easter egg), but let's skip to the year 2021. John Wolf is 20 and in training for the "casuals" who are experimental agents that are good at almost everything ( judo, kung fu, tai kuan do, art, football, shooting, swordplay, math, hacking, survival instincts, etc.) and John Wolf is given a mission to get to some crimes scenes and, as time goes by, John Wolf learns horrible secrets that are based on something he did at 15. I will continue later with this story.

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